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Mona is an amazing real estate agent. I have personally been a party to 8 residential real estate transactions in California and Nevada, and she is the best agent/representative I have worked with .
I appreciated her regular follow-up, professional demeanor, smart advice, and market knowledge. She was able to guide me in upgrading my property to achieve a quick sale at a higher than expected price.
I recommend her most highly and look forward to working with her again.

-Paul Eagleton

Mona was recommended to me by my good friend, who is a trust administrator attorney, after my father passed away. The property I was trying to sell was in disrepair, and had a huge amount of personal belongings to be dealt with. I chose to hire Mona after looking at her excellent track record. She was available right away to meet and assess the situation. She offered to assist in finding ways to empty out and clean up the property. Mona helped me find trustworthy people and companies to repair, paint, clean and recarpet for very reasonable prices. When I had questions or issues, Mona always promptly responded. The property cleaned up nicely and received multiple offers. Mona’s expertise allowed me to get the most value from the property when it sold. I would definitely recommend Mona Golastani to anyone who is looking for a good realtor to help with estate liquidation and maximizing value.

-Carol Nua

Mona was so very helpful and sensitive to difficult familial and legal situations with the sale of my mother’s home. She referred me to legal help, as well as all the help with the issues with needing to get the house ready for sale. She did so much ‘above and beyond’ work, it exceeds the character limit of this post. Just know that this was not an easy sale, and Mona was helpful, patient and responsive all the way. I could /would not recommend any other realtor than her!!

-Jill Walicki


In our time of grief following the loss of my brother in law, my husbands brother, we found Mona (and her assistant Andre) to assist with the sale of his home in California. We live in NJ which we were nervous about dealing across country with a sale. Mona came with excellent reviews as well as our NJ realtor friend reporting Mona to be a qualified and excellent choice to assist us. Mona (and Andre) assisted us every step of the way. We trusted her suggestions, decisions and assistance in preparing the house and throughout the sale process. She was able to assist with getting the house painted, cleaned and ready, efficiently and in a timely manner. She suggested an appropriate price for the sale, the house went very quickly and we were very happy with what the house sold for. I would highly recommend Mona for selling homes, especially when out of state.

-Patti Faller

Mona and her team were professional, resourceful and thorough in executing the sale of my deceased uncle’s home. Mona’s fiduciary approach was invaluable throughout the process, considering that the property was on the west coast and I was located on the east coast. Mona was a trusted partner who had my back every step of the way.

-Dan Mergaert

Mona came as a referral from our probate Attorney who explained to us that Mona has experience working with cases like ours. The house was in need of some work and we knew that we might have to choose between selling it cheap, in “as is” condition to a flipper, or put in much work to make the home sellable. At my first meeting with Mona I was sold. Mona explained what she would do for us and how it would work. This home belonged to our family for more than 50 years. It was important to us that the home go to a family who would live in it rather than become just another investor-owned property. Mona has established a network of professionals that were able to come in and make numerous repairs, cosmetic improvements, repaint, install flooring, you name it. All work was performed at competitive prices. Mona explained how, with these nominal investments, our family’s home could be brought up to a level for competing in a turn-key market. The experience was a success. She explained things along the way, helped us think through critical decisions and was available for any questions we had. I have worked with many real estate agents in my lifetime and had never worked with one who was more on top of their game. And the business model that Mona has set up is both unique and a tremendous help for someone who needs to sell a home that needs some TLC.

-Robert Coffman

Mona was great at helping me get through selling a condo that was in probate. She contacted me soon after I had started the probate process and we discussed my options for the condo. I had spoken with two other realtors but decided to choose Mona because of her knowledge of selling a property in probate and her ideas on how to market the condo. I live in a different state than the condo is located and Mona was extremely helpful in deciding how to get the condo ready to sell and finding contractors to remove unwanted items and clean the condo, make repairs, and do painting and carpet installation. She was always quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. Even in a slow market with rising interest rates she was able to sell the condo at a good price. I would definitely recommend Mona to anyone looking for a realtor, especially if probate is involved.

-Brian McLaughlin



After my father passed away, I was left with a house very much in need of repairs and an estate steeped in debt. Mona Golastani was one of the few realtors who called to speak with me personally versus the dozens of pre-canned advertisement mailers I received from other realtors. She displayed a distinct attention to my unique situation and a thorough knowledge of the local property market. She came up with a renovation plan which fit into my limited budget and rejuvenated the house. Mona constantly communicated with me throughout this entire process. We discussed all the changes and adjustments which needed to be made. In the end, Mona skillfully closed a top-dollar sale on the property. I am truly grateful to Mona Golastani and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to list a house in the Santa Clarita Valley area.

– Jonathon Wernli

I’m so glad I chose Mona.

I was contacted by many agents during the early phases of our probate process. I researched everyone but Mona stood out from the rest early on. I dreaded selling the house and wanted someone who not only knew the market, communicated clearly, and could hold my hand through some of the more daunting parts, but also someone who had the exactly right vision to sell our house. Mona delivers!
At each stage – from cleaning and landscaping, renting dumpsters, to finding help for the estate sale – Mona and her team were helpful, insightful and totally on top of things. The only surprise was how quickly and smoothly everything went. Her network is vast and also specialized. We had a number of challenges and for each one the team developed a clear and concise plan. 10/10.

-Adel Rey

I had the pleasure of working with Mona on an estate sale for my family. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic when it comes to selling real estate. After my experience working with Mona, I would highly recommend her for any real estate transaction you may have, as I would definitely use her services again.

-Jackie Bremer Miller

My close uncle passed away and we had our hands full with a hoarder’s house and a lot of work. I was out of state and needed not just a Realtor, but a Realtor experienced and specializing in distressed properties. It took me a while, but if the references were all true, I may have found the one! Mona Golastani could not have represented the family any better. With a very small budget of paint, floors and few items, the house was not just showable…but ended great! Even with the market crashed, we had a willing/able buyer in no time. We could not have taken the modest budget to get the sold price ourselves living out of state. Her contacts and work team found items we were missing, couldn’t believe it when they found them and shipped them to me. In world today, I couldn’t believe it. We took a hoarders house that had nothing done to it in over 40 years and didn’t have to get Probate Court approval on the listing price because it equaled the comps in the market. My uncles rental house has the renter moving out this month…no question we would be using Mona Golastani again. In any event, your estate house and circumstances would/could not be worse than this, example. You have challenges with a house in your estate, you are crazy not to use Mona….and I don’t do reviews, that’s how pleased I am to make this one. VERY limited budget (see pictures), every room, part of house was like this inside and out. You want details or more examples of handling this estate from out of state and how great it turned out, ask Mona for my personal number and call anytime!

-Bob Duprie

I was referred to Mona Golastani by the probate attorney handling my sisters estate. I lived out of state and traveled to California to assess the house and was able to meet Mona at that time. I was very impressed with her professionalism and how she explained the process and my options to go about selling the property. From that point on we communicated by phone calls, text and emails. She was always quick to respond to any of my questions or concerns. She arranged to have the interior of the house painted and cleaned, yard work completed after months of neglect, and resolved many other issues that arose along the way. The house looked great and was sold within two weeks. I cannot express my satisfaction enough. Mona went above and beyond as my real estate agent. I can confidently recommend her to handle other estate sales. My family and I really appreciate your help, Mona.

-Mark Lostocco

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